4 Ways Dry January Can Help Your Gym Training

Dry January is a growing trend where you commit to consuming zero alcohol for the 1st month of the New Year. But, why would you do such a thing during the (seemingly) longest, darkest, coldest month of the year?

Some unexpected benefits may come of this, too, like improved gym performance. You might even start a trend in your friend circle or discover a new fitness regime or healthier ways to spend your free time.
Taking a booze break is even more beneficial if your serious about your gym training:
Here are four major benefits of going booze-free for your gym training:
It’s crucial for your muscles to recover in the best way possible after a training session—and booze can hurt, not help, that process. Alcohol dramatically decreases your ability to recover properly. By cutting out drinking, you will sleep better and muscles will recover faster.
 Strength gains will increase due to better recovery and a better balance in hormones once you quit drinking. You’ll notice an increase in agility, too, since alcohol has detrimental effects on the nervous system, which inhibits the coordination of mind and body.
In the absence of boozing, you may notice you have more energy and motivation for the gym.
Nights out and hangovers can lead to a motivation depletion. Even the greatest intentions can be sabotaged by a desire to sleep in or a splitting headache. Nights spent drinking are correlated to missed workouts, so not only will cutting out cocktails eliminate missed workouts, actually making it to the gym or a run helps release endorphins, which create happy, euphoric feelings and an significant increase in mental clarity.
You may be noticing the pounds dropping off as you cut out the booze – especially if you’re using your newfound free time to get exercising. As the average pint can rack up 200 plus calories and a large glass of wine about the same it’s easy to see why you might find your waistband loosening after a couple of weeks. You will also be less dehydrated, your skin will glow and the increased hydration levels will aid fat loss even more.
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Siobhan Darocha – Personal Trainer and Owner of Flame Fit Gym in Westport
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