4 Ways Going to the Gym Can Help With Mental Health

1. Exercise Can Improve Sleep
One of the biggest benefits reported to us by members of Flame Fit Gym is in the improvements exercise has made to their quality of sleep. This is because once you start to exercise regularly you will notice that the the new activity will not only help to reduce the amount of time it takes for you to fall asleep, but also improve the quality of that sleep. This improvement in sleep can help with mental health conditions because chronic sleep deprivation and sleep loss are associated with higher mental health disorders.
2. Exercise Can Be a Motivator for Change
Want to change your life? Start with the gym! When a person commits to a gym routine and succeeds in sticking to their predetermined schedule, they begin to see positive impacts in their life outside of the gym, too. Exercise can be a significant motivator for change because it can provide a healthy foundation for daily self-management, self-commitment, and self-improvement. All of these positive benefits can translate to an improvement in mental health.
3. Going to the Gym Can Increase Social Connections
Flame Fit Gym is known best for its friendliness and sense of community.  We know from experience that going to the gym helps people form positive social relationships. Physical activity improves the way that people interact with one another, increasing the amount that people trust each other and increases social bonding. When a person feels that they are more rooted in their community, with more social connections, this positively impacts on their mental health.
4. Going to the Gym Creates a Routine
Getting your gym gear on, filling a water bottle, and getting to Flame Git Gym by 7 a.m. might sound grueling to some, but having a structured routine can help a great deal when it comes to managing mental health. Structure makes this unpredictable world feel more manageable, particularly at the micro-level which has never been more important in the turbulent times we live. Also, the familiarity of a gym routine can help a person with mental illness channel their depression and anxiety healthily, rather than turning to less healthy behaviors to cope, such as food, alcohol, or other substances.
Waking into a local gym can be intimidating especially if you are suffering from mental health condition. However, getting started is typically the most challenging part of any gym routine and we are here to support, motivate and guide you through – contact us on instagram @flamefitgym or join on our website

(Image: Personal Trainer and Gym Owner Siobhan and Flame Fit Gym ambassador and Miss Earth Ireland Bronwyn O Connell)