5 ways to make the gym your lifestyle

1. Don’t make your fitness routine all about weight 
Sustainable, healthy weight loss typically can’t be accomplished by any one behavior; in fact it usually requires changing your diet, sleeping more, and managing stess.
Thinking of exercise as just a weight loss tool usually leads people to create fitness routines they probably won’t stick with, So instead of thinking of fitness as a way to lose weight quickly, think of it as super important part of the puzzle that works best once you make it a habit.
2. In fact, you should probably think of working out as something you do for stress relief, increased energy, and better self-esteem.
While body composition changes require some degree of patience, the emotional and overall wellness benefits from exercise come pretty much immediately – like feeling like a total rockstar can happen every single time you exercise. Think of working out as something you do to feel better in life.
3. Acknowledge all the mental hurdles that will get in the way.
Everyone struggles with the motivation to exercise. Even the most regular gym goers are like “Are you serious right now?” when their alarms go off in the morning.
But acknowledging those dips in motivation are normal and preparing yourself for the times when you don’t feel motivated and you just go to the gym anyway before you think yourself out of it – it’s a lifestyle choice
4. Get to know your inner critic so you can learn when to tell it to go stuff it.
Does your inner voice point out all your “flaws” every time you change into workout clothes? Or is  always reminding you what a hassle it is to pack a bag and get yourself to the gym?We all have that voice that beats us up or loudly expresses our insecurities. You need to figure out how to muffle the negative voice and hand the mic to the positive one. That’s the key to staying motivated and continuing to push through a workout or stick to a routine, even when your inner voice is telling you to give up.
5. Take tons of notes on your progress.
If you get in the habit of recording the details of every workout — like notes on weight lifted, number of reps, etc., you’ll notice that you’re stronger and fitter all the time. Progress is so gradual that sometimes we don’t realize how much more fit we have become unless we write it down, note it and celebrate your success!
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