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FLAME FIT GYM is no ordinary experience

It is a unique lifestyle program designed to achieve every individual member’s respective health and fitness goals. Whether our members are beginners or enthusiasts, every program, product, and experience we offer begins and ends with creating a premier and comfortable atmosphere tailored for their individual and overall success and safety.

FLAME FIT GYM  Train to succeed.

focused on success

A gym with personal service, the latest equipment, top-tier instructors and a full line of wellness services, with the quality and customer service of a five-star hotel.

having a plan feels good.

We have developed an approach that helps members achieve their fitness goals with enjoyment. We listen to our clients so we can better cater to their needs.

what we do

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Gym Health & Wellness Centre

Personal & Group Training Available

Open 7 days a Week early till late

Fully equipped gym with weights & cardio machines, Free Weights area & separate Studio

Multiple Pay as You Go classes.

Multiple Wide Ranges of Fitness Classes to suit all your health & fitness needs

High Spec Changing Areas & Showers for members

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meet Siobhan

Your Fitness Strategist

Hi I’m Siobhan! I didn’t always live a healthy lifestyle, I struggled with body confidence & unhealthy eating patterns in my teens and early 20s. As a young mum of 3, life wasn’t always easy & opportunities were not handed to me on a silver platter. However, I turned these difficulties into determination when I began my fitness journey.

Before getting heavily involved in the gym my lack of knowledge around fitness & nutrition led me to constantly seek the next quick fix. This led me to bad & unhealthy habits when it came to lifestyle, diet & fitness & my weight constantly fluctuated. I always felt either hungry, tired & weak or run down, overweight & bloated.

When I started getting involved at the gym, I was absolutely petrified. I felt awkward & self conscious but very quickly my mindset completely changed as I finally learned the correct<br /> training methods & started to drop body fat.