How do have a jolly good Christmas! (While not gaining 10lbs)

Christmas is a time that should be enjoyed without any guilt! No one wants to be that person who can’t enjoy themselves at Christmas because their ‘diet’ won’t let them. This week I have 4 top tips to help you enjoy Christmas without any of those worries!

1. Plan Ahead For Social Events!

What happens if you’ve been hitting the gym and eating healthy all week but you’ve some festive social plans coming up on the weekend? Does this mean you will undo all your hard work all week? Not if you are smart and plan ahead!

By simply banking some calories during the week you can relax in the knowledge that you can enjoy yourself on the weekend AND stay on track. If you were to eat 300 calories less each week day (that’s one less

caramel latte each day) that give you a total of 1500 extra calories which you have saved up by Friday, so you can enjoy that desert or extra couple of drinks on the weekend without undoing all you hard work.

2. Shorten Your Workouts Instead Of Missing Them!

Even if you are limited for time and can’t manage to fit in your planned workout, that doesn’t mean you can’t get something done. Why not superset some of your exercises, that will eliminate a lot of time from your workout while adding intensity. Or why not change up your workout and give a HIIT style workout a go – setup 4 or 5 exercises that you are going to work through for 20 minutes with little rest! Something is always better than nothing so make sure that even if you are busy, you push yourself to make time for something.

3. Be Mindful, Dont Eat Just For The Sake Of It!

Yes it’s Christmas and of course you can enjoy some treats here and there but during Christmas the temptation is much higher. Mince pies, tubs of celebration sweets, the temptations are everywhere!

It’s totally fine to have a couple of the little treats you want every now and again, but when you are full you need to stop! Don’t just continue to pick at them because they are there, mindless eating is a real thing so just make sure before you put something extra in your mouth you ask yourself do I really need this? Be mindful and you will thank yourself come January.

4. Don’t Put Too Much Pressure On Yourself!

Maybe you have been working hard in the gym and lost a couple of lbs over the last few weeks. Now it’s December and you think so you know what, I’m going to have a good Christmas and that’s perfectly ok! Be proud of what you have achieved up to now, decide to use the tips above, and it’s possible to have a great Christmas whilst being mindful and actually manage to maintain your weight as it is which is fantastic. Weight loss might be an unrealistic goal for most of us in December but weight maintenance is very achievable and you can still have really good Christmas, feel refreshed and your back ready to go in January.

So there are 4 of my top tips for being able to stay on track this Christmas whilst still being able to enjoy it. I hope these help you, if you are looking to try something new, introduce a bit more structure to your health & fitness or get involved in a great community why not join Flame Fit Gym and give it a go! Head over to our website to sign up and avail of one of our membership deals today!

Siobhan Cahill  – Personal Trainer and Owner of Flame Fit Gym Westport

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